Most Bible stories are told from the perspective of the hero. We tend to side with them and hear how they endured. But this message is from a different perspective. It’s from Genesis 37 all the way to 50, so take some time this week to read the whole thing to get a full view of it all.
MONDAY: This is about Joseph in Genesis 37. We normally talk about what all he went through and how his life turned out great despite what terrible things he endured, but let’s look at things from his brother’s view. Joseph was their dad’s favorite. He was the baby. We all know families where the baby is the favorite. Joseph’s dad was out spoken about it, even to the point of making his son a special coat of many colors. This of course, created jealous among his big brothers. Their culture usually favored the first born. They were the ones to get the biggest blessing and all, so this was different. Good parenting makes everyone feel loved. Being a Christian means that we need to show love to people too. Even if they have something we’d like to have. Don’t let jealous take you over.
Father God, help me be a parent who doesn’t have favorites. I want to love my children and everyone like you do, unconditionally and without favorites. Thank you for helping me do that. Guard my heart against jealousy, too, Lord. Help me not struggle with that. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: Nobody likes a tattle tale. Joseph was just that. He would tell his dad things his brothers had done. This just added to the bad feelings they had towards him. Now, there is a time and place for such things. If someone is being abused or in danger, that’s totally different. You can see how the brothers were just being treated by Joseph. I doubt Joseph was trying to hurt them though. He probably didn’t even realize how he was doing things was making his brothers feel hatred toward him. When you are in a situation and you’ve been hurt, a great way to handle it is the “I feel” statement. “I feel really sad when you say things like that to me.” “I feel angry when you don’t do what I asked you to the first time.” Tell them how you feel because what they did was probably not done to hurt you on purpose. This helps people not get defensive so fast. You aren’t accusing them of something. If you need help with this, God will help you and remind you of it right when you need it.
Father God, help me learn how to use this “I feel” statement so that I can communicate with my loved ones in a healthy way. I don’t want to have bad relationships like it seems these brothers had for so long. Show me how to do this and work out problems in a good way. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: Do not make decisions when you are emotional. In Genesis 37:19-22 we see the brothers who just suddenly decided to kill their brother. Your emotions will lie to you. They will try to tell you things that just aren’t true, so that you in turn, make a decision that was not thought out. People do crazy things when they are in a group of people too. So, try to not talk about this with a lot of people then have all of them encouraging you to do something out of emotion. Pray about things. Ask God to help you handle them and allow Him to show you in the Bible ways to handle whatever you are going through. He will.
Father God, please help me to never make decisions when I’m emotional. I see how emotions can lie to me and cause me to do things I know I will regret later. Please lead and guide me. Help me handle emotional issues by praying to you about them. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: Are you allowing something from your past to still haunt you? When Joseph’s brothers and the rest of his family got to Egypt, they didn’t know who Joseph was at first. When he revealed who he really was to them, they immediately thought that he would have them killed because they sold him into slavery. There were years in between the time they sold him and when they stood before him as the second in command of Egypt. Years. Their first thoughts were of what their country was in a famine because of what they did to their brother. It was their punishment. But that is not what it was about at all. Stop living in guilt and shame. Stop thinking you are being punished for your past, because you aren’t. God does not work that way. If God forgive you, maybe it’s time for you to forgive yourself.
Father God, help me stop allowing my past to hold me back. If you have forgiven me, then I need to forgive myself, for sure. I ask that you will please guide me through this, help me so that I can be healthy and walking fully with you. I don’t want to live in the past. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: The story of Joseph and his brothers is a great picture of what Jesus did for us. Joseph had the power to do whatever he wished to his brothers. After all, they had sold him into slavery and told their dad he was dead. But he forgave them, and made room for them in Egypt to live during the famine. They didn’t necessarily deserve it, but Joseph loved them still. We aren’t the hero in our stories, Jesus is. Nothing we can do will make God love us any less. Just like nothing you can do will make God love you more.

Father God, thank you for showing us this story about Joseph and the lessons we can learn from it. Thank you Jesus for what you did for me. Thank you for loving me, and forgiving me, even when I didn’t deserve it. In Jesus name, amen.

Mind Monsters Pt. 6


Message Given By: Josh Copron

Mind Monsters/ Depression
1 in 6 people around the world will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Discouragement and depression feel like you are being pulled under a water rapid. Every time you get a chance to come up for air, it seems like something else happens. You feel like things will never change. The church doesn’t talk about this like they should. So we are going to today.

MONDAY: There is a difference between discouragement and depression. Discouragement is feeling unhappy about certain events in your life, while enjoying other activities. Depression causes you to lose interest in everything, you just don’t enjoy anything. Depression is not about sadness. It’s about the inability to enjoy life. It’s a hopeless feeling. Most depressed people pretend that their lives are okay. Do you relate to either of these or know someone who feels this way? Don’t lose heart, there is a way out of this! Ask God to guide you and show you the way.
Father God, help me when I’m discouraged or depressed. Show me what will get out of it your way. Likewise, help me see it in others and reach out to them. I don’t want anyone I care about to feel hopeless. Thank you for this message. Thank you for a church that talks about real life issues and how to handle them. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: The first step to defeating the mind monster of depression is to stop trying to face it by yourself. We are called to be in community. James 5:16, which is one of the Celebrate Recovery step Scriptures says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Maybe you thought Celebrate Recovery was only for alcohol and drug issues. That’s not so. You can even find help if you are trying to defeat depression! It’s about community, and helping each other with any hurt, habit or hang up. It is something we will have every single Tuesday night. They will not stop during the regular small group break. Why not give it a try one Tuesday night if you are trying to defeat depression? They will welcome you with open arms. Ask God to help you take a leap of faith and talk to someone about this so you can get help.
Father God, guide me and give me strength to talk to someone about this. For so long, I’ve thought I was wrong and that I just needed to be a better Christian. Now I know the truth. Let me open up and be honest with someone so that I can start a road to healing. If you want me to attend Celebrate Recovery, please speak to me loud and clear on it and I will go. Thank you for providing something in our church like this that helps people. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: Next, on your journey of defeating depression has to be getting rid of your stinking thinking. This is a thought disorder. And your thoughts produce very real feelings – even if they aren’t true. When you think positive thoughts, you will have good feelings. You can’t experience positive emotions with a negative thought life. Each time you notice yourself thinking about something negative, combat it with Scripture. For example, if you start thinking you are ugly and struggling with your self-esteem, say, “NO! I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am God’s masterpiece created for good works.” You can do it!
Father God, help me get rid of my stinking thinking. Help me renew my mind with what you think and say about who I am. I want to be free from this and I realize that I can be my own worst enemy just because of my thought life. Thank you for helping me with this. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: Fill your heart with God’s promises. Make up your mind now to memorize the Scriptures we gave you on that blue and white paper Sunday. That’s a great place to start. We have to realize the truths about how God feels about us, and how He wants us to feel about ourselves. We will get down from time to time. It’s not a sin to be depressed. But sin can cause depression. When we think wrong thoughts about God or how He feels about us, it can lead us down a bad road. Realize the truth about who God says you are and who He really is. He’s a loving Father who wants to help you dig out of this pit, one who never wanted you in the pit in the first place. He loves you so much. Will you fill your heart with His promises and never let them leave? We sure hope so.
Father God, help me fill my heart with your promises. Let me commit these Scriptures to memory, then learn more. I want to fill my heart and life with your promises, then help others do the same. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for helping me memorize these Scriptures. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: Talking to yourself is another way to defeat depression. But it’s got to be good talk. Focus on God and all that He is and does for you. Speak and confess His Word over your life. Your words have power! Praying out loud, reading Scriptures out loud, and reading your Bible out loud can really help you. Speak out and lift your voice. Don’t forget, that worship is also a great way to lift your spirit. Put on the garment of praise and watch the heaviness leave you.
Father God, please help me remember all of these things right when I need them. Lead and guide me in this. Help me to line up with you fully and all that you have for me. Let me put these practices into place Lord, so I can be free from this. I want to live the abundant life Jesus came to give me. In Jesus name, amen.



MONDAY: Do you know the difference between “worry” and “concern”? Let me help you with it. “Worry” is focusing on something that is beyond your control. It’s usually about something from your past or in the future, which means it is something you can’t do anything about. Worry is “what if” thinking. “Concern” on the other hand, is something you can take immediate action on. For example, if you have a big test tomorrow, then you know you need to study. If your gas tank is almost empty, you know you need to get gas. Freedom from worry is found in living one day at a time. Focus on today.
Father God, help me see the difference in worry and concern. Help me stop trying to act like worry is okay. I know now that it is not. Help me trust you in everything. Help me not worry over things I have no control over. In Jesus name, amen.
TUESDAY: 75- 90% of all doctors visits are due to anxiety. God created us with a fight or flight chemical in our body to help us, but when you consistently worry, it’s being used nonstop and that causes your body problems. Worry means to “choke” or “strangle”. That’s exactly what you are doing when you worry. You are choking the life out of you. Remember that Proverbs 12:25 says, “Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.” Will you make a decision now to work towards not worrying? The strength God gives you today doesn’t function in your imaginary tomorrow. Let Him help you.
Father God, I really want to stop worrying so much. I want my health to be normal and not feel bad because I’m stressing it out with worry. I don’t want to be weighed down anymore. Help me stop this. Help me turn to you and pray each time I’m tempted to worry. Thank you for helping me. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: We don’t understand our value at all. If we did, we wouldn’t worry. Just like what Jesus said in Matthew 13, don’t we realize that we are more valuable than the birds, and God provides for them. God spoke all other creation into existence, but He stopped and formed us, taking special time and attention to create us in His image. That means we are very special to Him. Once a person finally  realizes that their value comes from God, they can stop worrying about their life, because they can trust that God will provide for their every need. Don’t you want to live like that? Let God do that for you as well.
Father God, please forgive me for allowing my value to come from places that it never should have. I know now that I am worth so much more than I ever realized. I don’t need a human being to validate me. I have you. I don’t need anyone else because you love me unconditionally and you have my best interests at heart. As a matter a fact, you have a plan for my life, and it’s a plan to prosper me, not harm me. Thank you for that. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: Once you’ve got the fact of your value in your heart fully, we really need to make it a priority to be growing the Kingdom of God. When we build God’s Kingdom, everything is added into your life. You see, the key here is helping others find their value in God too. They don’t know why they are here, so they worry and stress out over things. If you tell them that their value comes from God, that He has a plan for their lives, and that He will take care of all of their needs, you are helping build God’s kingdom and free some people from worry. This is best when you are in relationship with someone, because you know what and when they worry. Help point people to God in your life when they worry. Talk to them about how you are moving forward and what you are allowing God to do in you.
Father God, help me build your Kingdom. Let me tell people how much you love them and what you want to do in their lives. When they learn about that, focus on you, and stop worrying, they will have a great life. Give me the opportunity to do this. Help me be bold when I feel led to say or do something. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: High levels of anxiety lead to depression. (Which we are discussing this coming Sunday, don’t miss it!) Worry keeps you from growing spiritually too, because it is anticipating an event in the future without God in the equation. This is not the way God planned for us to live. Not by a long shot. Jesus came to give us life to the fullest, so why are we settling for less? Why aren’t we trusting God more and letting Him do what He has planned in our lives. We need to focus on God and grow closer to Him, while putting worry away. Everything we need is in Him. Nothing can compare to the life He has for us. So, let’s grow!
Father God, grow me closer to you and spiritually. Help me hear you every day. Let me pray and read my Bible daily. Help me talk with others about you and what I’m learning. Let me focus get off what I’m worrying about, and go on to you. Thank you for helping me do this. In Jesus name, amen.




Sermon Title: See Serve Share

Sermon Given By: Kevin Miller
The Millers are missionaries to Europe. They will be working with Convoy of Hope. We are partnering with them and supporting them on this journey to reach God’s people.

MONDAY: There is a difference in seeing someone and looking at them. We “look at” people and things all of the time. But if you aren’t really paying attention, you might not actually “see” them. In Acts 3:1-11, Peter and John were going to the temple to pray. There was a beggar by the gate called Beautiful asking for money. How many times do you think they had been past that gate and not noticed him? Seeing means you have compassion for people instead of overlooking them. Who are you overlooking? Ask God to give you His eyes and let you see what He wants you to each and every day.
Father God, we get so busy with life that we are guilty of looking at people instead of actually seeing them. Give me your eyes for the world each day. Help me see who and what you want me to see. Then, give me the courage and strength to do whatever you might tell me to afterwards. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: There are so many people still in the world, in 2017, who are forgotten and that have never heard the name Jesus. There are good things we can do for others, but then there are GOD things we can do as well. The Holy Spirit in you wants to lead you each day to reach out to others. You have to hear Him though. You have to be in tune so you know what it is He’s saying to you, and then you have to do whatever that is. Giving someone the love of Jesus, Christ in us, is the best thing we can do. That’s how, by listening, and following through. What is He calling you to today? Maybe it’s simple, and He’s put someone on your heart to pray for. Or maybe it’s bigger, like a calling to ministry, a calling to adopt, or asking you to stop and give that person by the highway money. Whatever it is, pay attention and serve however He asks you to. You will be blessed when you do.
Father God, help me serve in whatever way you ask me to. I want to be lead by the Holy Spirit fully. I want to serve the people that no one else sees. I want to see them. Help me with this. In Jesus name, amen.
WEDNESDAY: Fear has no place in our lives, but it is always roaring loudly at us to keep us from doing what God has told us to. The enemy wants to keep you locked down in fear because He knows what kind of power you have with the Holy Spirit in you. The enemy wants to kill your calling from God, destroy your feelings for the lost, and steal your joy in serving the Lord. He can’t get your soul, but he will fight to stop you from doing all that God has planned for you. Do not let him win. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of one of power, love and a sound mind. Fight fear when it roars at you. Tell it how big your God is!
Father God, fear has stopped me for far too long now. I want to be bold for you. I want to do your will in every area of my life. Help me fight when the fear screams at me. Let me scream Scriptures back at it! Let me step out in faith and trust you even when I’m scared to death. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: Jesus came so that we would have life and life to the full. We have that hope and love, and God is calling us to share it. Pray for the Millers as they will be telling people about God’s love in unique ways. Ask God to give you the chance to do the same right here in Albany, GA. You don’t have to travel to tell someone how much Jesus loves them. Sharing the Good News with someone will change their life for the better.
Father God, give me the chance to share your Good News with someone who doesn’t know you today. Let me be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and hear when He tells me to share your love. Thank you for the person who shared it with me for the first time. Thank you that churches still share it and want everyone to know you as their Lord and Savior. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: In that story in Acts, they took the man after he was healed to Solomon’s Porch, which was a store, if you will. Why do you think they didn’t take him into the temple? Maybe there were less people in the temple? Maybe the people there wouldn’t have received and to actually SEE the miracle that had taken place? Albany needs to see and hear about miracles. We need to tell people when we feel led to, what God is doing.
Father God, let the miracles happen and let everyone who needs to see them see them. Let us share what you are doing in our lives. Let us see and serve everyone. In Jesus name, amen.

Mind Monsters Part 3


Sermon Given by Josh Copron
The mind monster of comparison is worse in our society due to social media. It’s very easy for us to compare ourselves to people we know, people we haven’t seen in years, and even people we don’t like a whole bunch.
MONDAY: The first thing we must remember is that comparison kills contentment. Being content means being satisfied with life. Contentment is not a popular word in our society though. We are a material society who needs we have to have the latest, greatest, newest, fastest whatever to be happy. And when we constantly compare ourselves to others, we can’t be happy because someone else will always have something better than us. It’s just the way things are. Learning to stop comparing yourself to other people will free your heart and mind so much.
Father God, please help me stop comparing myself to others. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Paul said that he had learned to be content no matter what state he was in. Help me stop hurting myself by thinking I’m not good enough or that I don’t have the best life. Because, with you, I have all I need. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: Not only do we compare ourselves to others, but we compare our present to our past. That is so dangerous, because most of the time, we glamorize the past. We forget some of the bad things and remember things wrong. Just like the Israelites who were tired of eating manna in Numbers 11, we don’t see what God has been providing for us, because we are thinking the past was better. Stop looking at your past and comparing it to your present. Live in today.
Father God, please forgive me for comparing my past to my present. I see now that I shouldn’t have been doing that. I need to live for today. I need to learn and grow and let you be a huge part of my present. I can’t change anything about the past, and it’s the past for a reason. Thank you for reminding me of that. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: Getting more ER won’t make you happier. There will always be something with more ER than you. We are not all on the same level with people. Comparing ourselves to others hurts us and our relationships with people. We need to realize that most social media posts aren’t real. You don’t know the truth and the behind the scenes things that happened before the picture was snapped. You don’t know if they’ve put a filter or edited stuff. We are bad about comparing our behind the scenes daily life with everybody else’s highlight reel. That’s not comparing things fairly. Stop looking at what others have done thinking that your life is horrible. Because your life is great!
Father God, I ask in Jesus name for you to help me stop chasing after ER. I understand that this is not benefiting my life at all. It’s actually hurting me. Please help me just live in the now and learn to be content. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: The reason why comparing yourself you to others is because there is no finish line. The competition of trying to out-do someone is a no win situation because in life there is always someone who has more than you. It’s pointless to compare ourselves to others or wish we had what they have, because it’s not a goal we can reach. Making goals and going for them is not a bad thing at all. Just don’t set goals based on what someone else is doing because you are trying to beat them.
Father God, please guide me in my goal setting. Let me do the things you want me to and with the right intentions. I want to stop trying to beat someone else and just do what you want me to with my life. Guide me, speak to me, and let me hear you loud and clear. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: Contentment can only be found in Christ. When we fully surrender our lives to Jesus, we can let Him guide our daily lives and we can be content. Paul, who used to be Saul in the Bible, had such a hard life after he became a Christian, but yet he was content. I will probably never go to jail because I tell someone about Jesus. I won’t be chained to a guard because I’m a Christ follower. He was. He found his contentment in Christ. We all need to do the same. It’s not about trying harder to be content. That’s not the message here. It’s about being content IN Christ. Memorize Philippians 4:13 and hide it in your heart. It’s a great way to live!
Father God, Paul had a much worse life than I do, and yet he was content in Christ. I want to be content in Christ too. Lead and guide me. Help me surrender every area of my heart and life to you. Guide my paths and make them straight to what you’ve called me to do in my life. Thank you for this message on learning how to be content. In Jesus name, amen.

Mind Monsters Pt. 2


Sermon Given By: Josh Copron

Greed has nothing to do with how much money you have, and it’s not something you pick up later in life. We are born with it. It’s just difficult to see greed in our own lives.
MONDAY: When we get extra money, we usually spend it on ourselves. People who consume everything that comes their way are living a life consisting of the abundance of possessions. Greed is thinking that everything that comes your way is for your consumption. That is not how God wants us to live. God wants us to be generous and give to others, not hoard for ourselves. If this is an area you struggle in, pray and ask Him to help you. He will.
Father God, I ask that you will help me learn this. I struggle with thinking that I need to consume everything I have or that comes to me. Thank you for Josh teaching this and thank you for helping me learn it. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: In the parable Jesus told about the man who built bigger barns, He called the man a fool. Planning for your future isn’t a bad thing, but being concerned with only yourself, and not helping others is greedy. When you consume out of proportion with what you give, it’s not healthy. Pray about what you should give. Ask God to guide you. This is not just about money either. Giving can be your time too.
Father God, please guide me in this. Show me how to plan for my future, but include giving in it. Show me what it looks like to be a giver of my time as well. Let me have a servant’s heart. Let me give my time to help others. I want a good balance between what I give and what I take in. Thank you for helping me with this. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: Money gives us a chance to be rich towards God. God wants us to have nice things and be prepared for the future, but He doesn’t want us to spend everything on ourselves. To be rich towards God is to be a blessing towards others. When you take a portion of your income, and give it to God, He can do great things with it. Everything you spend on yourself doesn’t last. When you give it to God, you are preparing for eternity. Try to put out of your mind all of the negative things the enemy will lie to you about giving. He wants to keep you from giving and keep you from God’s best. Don’t allow that.
Father God, help me move past the enemy’s lies that I shouldn’t give of my time and money. I want to live the way you want me to. I want to be rich towards you and be a generous giver. Thank you for helping me block out his lies. Thank you for showing me Scriptures to use to fight him when he tries again. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: Having a giving plan will really help you make this step in your Christian walk. When you don’t have a plan, you tend to give spontaneously, sporadically, and sparingly. Proverbs 29:18 talks about when we don’t have a plan, things go wrong. Pick a percentage of your income to give to God, and then stick to it. 10% is the “tithe”, but you do not have to start there. Dollar amounts don’t move God, percentages do.
Father God, please show me how much of a percent you’d have me give. I am nervous. I want to give a full 10%, but it feels like a lot. Show me where to start. Guide me on this so that I will stop giving spontaneously, sporadically, and sparingly. I want to do what you’ve called me to, Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: What God would like us to be is a giver of the three P’s. He wants us to be a percentage giver, to make Him a priority, and be progressive in our giving. Will you decide today that you will give God a percent of your income? You can do that by making Him a priority in your life. Is He first in your heart? He should be. God is our first love. Therefore, even in giving, we give to Him first. Finally, we can grow in our giving of our time and money to God. Take next steps. Plug into small groups, go to the Growth Track classes and become a member so you can serve. God has such a great plan for our lives, and learning this will help us keep moving forward in life.
Father God, please help me become a three P giver. I want to do this. I want to have the life you have planned for me, but I have never learned this stuff. Thank you for letting me be at a church that wants to help me grow closer to you in every area of my life. In Jesus name, amen.

Mind Monsters Pt. 2



Mind Monsters Pt. 2

Sermon Given by: Josh Copron
MONDAY: The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, 48,000 of those are negative. That’s 80% of your thoughts! Your mind can be like a credit card. You think the thoughts now, not realizing how much it will cost you later. Negative thoughts can steal your joy, peace, sanity, freedom, and more. Stop and think about what you are thinking about. Paul told us to take every thought captive in 2 Corinthians 10:5. Put that into to practice and see what a difference it makes in your life.
Father God, please help me take my thoughts captive. Help me stop and think before I think. Let me realize when a negative thought is going to harm me. Show me how to take my thoughts captive and turn them around for good. In Jesus name, amen.

TUESDAY: The battle for your life is lost or won in your mind. The voice you believe will determine the future you experience. You will never be all that God has called you to be if you believe the negative stuff. When you hear that other voice, and it doesn’t match up with what God says, push it out of your head. Maybe even whisper, “Go away.” God will help you.
Father God, please help me hear your voice and not the lies and voices that aren’t good for me. I want to win the battle for my mind. I want my future to be all that you created it to be. In Jesus name, amen.

WEDNESDAY: The enemy will come in your life in whatever form you are most likely to believe. For Adam and Eve it was a serpent. For us, it could be a text message, something a family member says, something a friend said, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to gauge what they say by Scripture. Sometimes people are trying to give you constructive criticism and that’s okay. But if it goes against God’s Word, it’s probably the enemy bothering you.
Father God, please help me by giving me wisdom and discernment. Let me know when something someone says to me is for my good to help me, or just to be mean and harm me. I want to be the best person I can be, but I don’t want to fall into the enemy’s trap and let him get me down. I realize he uses the things I will believe the most. So help me guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. In Jesus name, amen.

THURSDAY: You are not a victim of your thoughts. When you put on the armor of God every day, from Ephesians 6: 10-18, remember that the Shield of faith puts out the fiery darts of the devil. Also the Sword of the Spirit is what you use to fight back. When the devil tempted Jesus, He used Scripture to fight off the temptation and put the devil in his place. We can do the same.
Father God, help me learn Scripture so that when I am tempted, I can use it to fight back. Help me put on your armor every day so that I have a way to protect myself from the fiery darts that come my way. In Jesus name, amen.

FRIDAY: Romans 12 tells use to renew our mind. The best way to do that is Scripture. Whatever lies you hear about yourself, look up Scripture and memorize it. God will bring it to your mind any time you are struggling. There are so many Scriptures in the Bible that will help you if you only look. No matter what you are fighting. Remember, find and replace. Then you will experience freedom in God.
Father God, show me what Scriptures I need. Help me memorize them and renew my mind to believe the truth about who I am and not listen to the lies anymore. In Jesus name, amen.